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    Guide to Universities with Physical Therapy Degree Programs

    What are physical therapy degrees?

    Physical therapy degrees are literally what the name suggests – degrees in physical therapy that essentially train the student to be able to help people who are attempting to rehabilitate their bodies and improve their mobility following illness or injury. The severity of the illness or injury dictates how intensive physical therapy should be so all physical therapy degrees incorporate a wide range of techniques and related information to ensure that qualified physical therapists emerge from the course.

    What different types of degree are there in the physical therapy field?

    There are many different types of physical therapy degrees that individuals can enrol in online but the overall qualifications required are complex. For example, all candidates will need a high school diploma in addition to a bachelor’s degree in a related science, such as physics, biology or anatomy. Individuals that are currently physical therapy assistants will also need a degree in a related area before pursuing the Masters degree that allows you to qualify and obtain a practice license because experience is rarely taken into consideration.

    Master of Physical Therapy – The Master of physical therapy degree is an excellent program for those looking to learn the necessary skills to practice as a physical therapist in medical facilities and private practices. Flexible and hands on, the MSc in physical therapy certainly helps to prepare the student for the licensing exams, which have to be take prior to employment being taken following graduation.

    Doctor of Physical Therapy – The highest possible qualification in terms of physical therapy degrees, a doctorate in physical therapy provides students with a comprehensive course that contains hands on education as well as all of the necessary theoretical concepts. In addition, it will also provide candidates for employment with the best possible chance to impress potential employers. It will be necessary to take licensing exams following graduation but all students will be fully prepared.

    What kinds of financial aid are available for schools offering occupational therapy programs?

    Physical therapy degree financial aid is available for students out there to take full advantage of in addition to regular state and federal funding.

    Specific physical therapy degree grants and scholarships are often available to students that are applying to specific institutions, such as Northwestern University or the University of Pittsburgh. You can check the availability of these physical therapy degree grants directly with the university or college that you plan to apply to. In addition, there are physical therapy financial aid scholarships from associations and bodies like the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as well.

    American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) – Grants are available for those completing advanced education (Master’s degree or Doctorate) in the field of physical therapy. There is also an education loan program available to those looking for financial aid. Applications are accepted via the website.

    Foundation for Physical Therapy – A range of grants and scholarships are offered for individuals looking to train in the physical therapy field, including the Promotion of Doctoral Studies Scholarship and the New Investigator Fellowship Training Initiative. Applications are accepted via the website.

    What colleges and universities offer physical therapy degrees?

    There are many online and offline universities and colleges alike that offer physical therapy degrees, including but not limited to the following:

    University of Washington: Doctor of Physical Therapy – This particular degree offers a comprehensive doctorate in physical therapy, focusing on developing essential skills and allowing candidates to take the licensing exam required at the end of the course.

    Arizona School of Health Sciences: Doctor of Physical Therapy – Focusing on developing a professional attitude, the relevant skills and clinical excellence, this course prepares students for work and incorporates internships.

    University of Las Vegas: Doctor of Physical Therapy – This comprehensive program offers a complete training package for those looking to qualify as a physical therapist and take the licensing exam.

    California State University, Fresno: Master of Physical Therapy – The Master’s physical therapy degree is designed to prepare students for licensing, providing them with knowledge that gives them hands on experience in the field.

    Boston University: Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy – This online program allows you to learn everything you need to know to become a physical therapist from home. The curriculum is comprehensive and prepares candidates well.

    Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies: Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy – This online program includes core courses like medical screening, nutrition, diagnosis and various other classes to prepare students for the workplace.

    University of Indianapolis: Master of Physical Therapy – This online course promotes independent study as well as including a range of elective courses to enable you to personalise your studies.

    What is the salary of someone with a physical therapy degree?

    An individual that has successfully graduated with a physical therapy degree can expect his or her physical therapy salary to vary depending on geographical location as well as the institution in which they are working. However, across the United States, the physical therapy average salary is between $65,000 and $75,000.

    What are common physical therapy careers?

    Following your graduation from whatever physical therapy degrees you choose to take, you have the option of several different careers within the field, including those listed below:

    Private Physical Therapist – Requiring a license in all states in addition to at least a Master’s degree, physical therapists deliver patient care and devise programs to help individuals to overcome their physical limitations in a private capacity.

    Hospital Based Physical Therapist – Hospital based physical therapists also require a license and administer rehabilitation based patient care in a medical facility.

    Physical Therapist Assistant – Working under a physical therapist and requiring at least a degree, assistants administer physical care as per the plan put in place by the therapist, helping to rehabilitate the injury or illness.

    Physical Therapist Aide – Physical therapist aides actively offer support to physical therapists, although no qualifications are required. They prepare sessions and make sure that patients are comfortable.